Starting Your Morning Right

Warm Water + Lemon Juice

While traveling you will always find a lemon squeezer in my suitcase. It’s part of my morning ritual cleanse, it helps keep my digestive system in check!
Warm water with lemon is a great way to start your day! When waking up in the morning, warm up some water and squeeze half a lemon into it.


  • Digestion: It helps clean out your intestinal lining removing any toxins.
  • Balances PH: Lemons are an Alkaline food which is really important for good health. This also helps with acid reflux and heartburn. I know that it helps me when I’ve had a rough night.
  • Boosts your Immune System: I give credit to this drink for rarely ever getting sick! *Knock on Wood* but lemons contain Vitamin C to help keep a cold away.
  • Clear Skin: Vitamin C also keeps wrinkles and blemishes in check! It helps remove any toxins from your body keeping your skin youthful looking, and who doesn’t want youthful looking skin?
enjoy! xo


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